Create Your Vision

Project yourself into wellness.  You are well. You are healthy.  What does that look like? Sound like? Feel like? Does it have a taste? A smell?

Surprisingly, this is a hard exercise for many.  I often see confusion and struggle in the eyes of people I suggest this to.  I see their wheels turning as they ask themselves doubtfully, “How can I possibly make that happen?”

Think Beyond What Common Sense Would Allow

Do you like color? Do you like to paint? Draw? Write? Cut and paste?  Let the inner kid in you ring out! Scream out with creativity! Go back to the earliest times you can remember; when everything was possible. Nothing was jaded. Your imagination made everything possible: Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, even the Boogie Man. Well, your imagination and a little help from loved ones helped to make it possible, but don’t discount the belief you felt deep down in your belly. You owned it. You believed hard with all your heart and soul and nothing could convince you differently. (Not even that nasty little kid who tried to convince you otherwise! Was I that kid?)

You believed and you believed hard because there were great rewards to be reaped in the end.  Christmas morning you’d wake to magical splendor under the tree. Who cared what was there, just waking up to see was enough.

Deep in your gut you believed somehow a little fairy with pink glittering wings placed a quarter or two under your pillow while you slept (Am I showing my age?).  In the spring, a basket of chocolatey sweetness was waiting for you somewhere in the house because that tricky bunny always hid your basket. And you no doubt made it to the top of the stairs safely after grabbing some random item for your mom in the basement because you were too fast for the Boogie Man to grab your feet (despite how loudly your brother and sisters egged him on).

I don’t know what you believed or experienced when you were younger, I can only go by my experiences and allow sharing them with you to help you get to where you need to be in order to create your vision for wellness.  It’s my hope my analogy helped you and not offended.

Whatever your experiences, you need to ask yourself, what are the great rewards you plan to reap in your world?  What does healthy look like?  What does balance and piece of mind sound like? Get your senses involved.

What excites you to move into action? – I love Price Pritchett!

What would be a goal well beyond the boundary of the probable…far beyond the obvious next logical step?

In his Quantum Leap Strategy, Price Pritchett tells us that quantum leaps require us to start thinking about what we want, instead of what common sense says is the reasonable thing for us to do next. He says, “When you boil it down, common sense is just what it sounds like-it’s what people today commonly believe.  And common sense is full of dumb, limiting ideas. Common sense used to say the world is flat, people can’t fly, bleed people if you want to heal them.  The idea of man on the moon was once pure science fiction, so was TV and the idea of a heart transplant”.

So I invite you again to go back to your childhood where everything was possible and everything was accessible.  Sense never came into the equation.  No barriers existed.  This is an important step because Pritchett reminds us that “Common sense still lies within you.  It focuses on the obstacles, reviews what you’ve done in the past, studies the normal achievement patterns of people in general, and then tells you what you can commonly expect to achieve.  It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.  RELY TOO MUCH ON COMMON SENSE, AND YOU CAN EXPECT TO SEE COMMON RESULTS”.

The irony here is that I was introduced to Pritchett five years after my experience with cancer, and yet I naturally did all that he suggests in his strategy years before.  I understand the leap here will be longer and wider for some, however the end result for all will be the same…your heart’s desire!

What do you really want?

What excites you enough to move into action? Your heart has to get involved in this, because love is what fuels the quantum leap. Your head figures out how to get there, but it’s your heart that keeps you going.  In the overall scheme of things, heart is probably far more important than brains.

Set your sights far above what is reasonable…or practical…or probable.  Aim for the extraordinary, for that which is precious to you. Pursuing something you love, something you want passionately, produces inspiration.  You become more creative, more intense. Commitment to our dreams comes naturally, carrying you to the point of wishful thinking and disallowing half-hearted effort. Focus on the ends rather than the means.

If you’re not in love with your dream, it’s doubtful that you can successfully live out the quantum leap strategy. Passion starts the process, and caring enough keeps you going, so let emotion rather than intellect set your direction. – Price Pritchett, Ph.D.

Enjoy it, it’s gonna be fun!

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