Watch the Energy of Others…It’s Not Yours

Energy vampires

A few years back I was having a tooth pulled for the first time; a wisdom tooth to be exact. I had no qualms about it. I knew it would be easy. I saw myself in and out and in good health afterward. I had meditated on it and felt really strong.

When my neighbor found out what I was getting ready to do, she laughed at me for taking it in stride and even called to her husband, “Hey, Jenn’s going to get a tooth pulled and she thinks she’s going to be ok!” They both laughed.

With this, I was a bit confused, but on her suggestion, I asked my daughter to come with me so she could drive me home afterward. Afterall, my neighbor told me I would be in no shape to do so myself.

My dentist, whom I’ve been going to since I was 9, allowed my daughter to watch the whole procedure since she was going into the healthcare profession. It was a great experience for all. He walked me through every step, joked as usual, and ten minutes later with no swelling I popped out of the chair and headed for home without any discomfort whatsoever.

I didn’t need my daughter to drive me home, although I let her; and she got a free lesson in a surgical procedure that would have cost a fortune in dental school.

I’ve gotten a whole lot better at not allowing other people’s experiences and energies not affect my world, but they certainly do come fast and furious at us if we’re not paying attention.

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