#25 21 Days of Gratitude Continued…

GratitudeAdmittedly, posting daily will be the biggest challenge of my 21 Days of Gratitude. Making daily notes and transferring them to a weekly post seems to work best for me. Have you decided to make a list? If so, how is your list coming along?

Day 6– Monday 1/9/17…Fresh New Lipstick

Nothing gives me a rush straight back to the comforts of my childhood than cranking up a fresh, new L’Oreal lipstick. The creamy smell of…lipstick. I have no other words to describe it.  I’m hypnotized by the perfect stamp of its very name embossed at the base of the stick. I can feel mom’s kisses so gentle on my cheek as I get ready to run out the door for school.  I LOVE it!

Day 7 – Tuesday 1/10/17…Supportive Bosses

I am blessed to work for and with a supportive administrative team, whose ideals for the education of children are realistic, proactive, and progressive. This is very rare when speaking with others in the field of education.  If I didn’t work with these people, there is no way I could remain in education.

Day 8 – Wednesday 1/11/17…A Bath

What else really needs to be said?

Day 9 – Thursday 1/12/17…My Siblings

Today is my sister’s birthday and that reminds me of all the fun and fights we had growing up. I’m blessed to be the baby of two older sisters and an older brother.  I love and honor them with all my heart.  I treasure the lessons they have taught me over the years, and look forward to growing old with them by my side.  With age, we grow even closer.

Day 10 – Friday 1/14/17…Technology

Today I had a very special surprise video chat from my son and his Navy buddy from Japan. He was feeling bad about not being able to visit with my class during his trip home over the holidays.  The kids in Room 37 were so excited to meet them both, and they had a blast asking questions and hearing stories about what their teacher is like as a mom.

Day 11 – Saturday 1/15/17…Ice Cream

It has become a steady practice for me to have a very small dish of chocolate ice cream at night just before the clock strikes 8:00.  It’s recommended not to eat after 8:00 p.m., so I do my best not to.  I drizzle my two small scoops with a bit of Hershey’s chocolate syrup and rainbow sprinkles.  And I know, it’s said that there is no difference in the flavor of sprinkles from one color to the next, but I like rainbow. It’s small. It’s simple. It’s delicious.

Stay tuned for Day 12!

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