The Classroom

#22 Being Home Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds

The pangs of waking up to bright lights creeping underneath the crack of my door as they light the way to the bathroom for me churn deep in my gut. This morning I will not breathe the stale hotel room air and bend to pick up the newspaper that’s been slipped through the crack of the door at an ungodly hour by a no doubt...

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#20 Hello September

With the reminders of warm summer nights etched into my ankles, I look at the bruises left from endless scratching and reflect on my relaxing yet productive summer.  It was my hope these scars of summer would be long gone before the start of the school year, but no such luck; I will begin my first year as a 5th-grade teacher with nasty ankles, cut,...

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#18 I Am Not Going Backward

As the school year begins to wrap up, I anxiously await approval for my request to move from my current position as the Library Media Specialist which I’ve held for the past nine years, to a fifth-grade classroom teaching position, which I’ve dreamed about for the last five.  I have only two more nights to wait for the final word so please keep me in...

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