For me meditation = magic.  I was introduced to the practice of meditation many years ago when I took an online mediation course at the yoga studio in town.  At first, I had no interest in an online version.  I  wanted to be out of the house, in a dark room with candles, listening to peaceful music. It was explained to me that meditation is not about the atmosphere and escaping.  It is about being still with all that is going on, right where you are.

Hmmm?   I gave it a shot and never looked back.  I happily share them with you here.

Each meditation offers a specific focus, an inspirational quote, conceptions and myths, and a mindful moment of the day.  These meditations are the creation Jerry Kuhlman, former owner of our local yoga studio. I’ve  taken the liberty to weave my thoughts through his words where I thought my experiences may be helpful.

Enjoy rocking your world~

#1 How To & Body Scan                   #9 Healing                                    #17 Teacher

#2 Soft Belly                                        #10 Noting & Labeling               #18 Karma

#3 Counting                                         #11 Dalai Lama                            #19 Equinimity

#4 Centering Prayer                          #12 Who You Are Not                 #20 Thoughts

#5 Pranayama                                     #13 Big Mind                                #21 Accepting the Truth

#6 Vipassana                                       #14 Mantras                                 #22 Energy

#7 Stopping the War Within            #15 Pain                                         #23 Change

#8 White Light                                    #16 Metta                                      #24 Oneness



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  1. Jen and Tara, thank you! I’ve read through your wonderful blog Jen (I am glad we had the chance to be your student!) and have started through the meditation downloads. You’ve both been wonderful. Thank you!!

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