Meet Jenn

Hi! I’m Jennifer and I teach children and adults how to manage stress & negative emotions by getting to the root of the cause. DSC_5363

I’m very excited to be able to bring to you all the wonderfully valuable tools that helped me to help myself when I needed it the most.  In 2007, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer after insisting something was wrong for months and was unfortunately ignored by my doctor of 21 years.

Fortunately for me, when biopsies proved inconclusive, it was recommended I see a genius of a Gynecologic Oncologist, who was incredibly thorough and wasted no time in getting me the care needed to conquer what was embedded in and protruded from my cervix and begged to get out. After more biopsies and scans, a plan was put into place for me to be treated with chemotherapy 24/7 for two weeks; one week at the beginning of my treatment and one week in the end.  

To pack a punch against the body wanting to quickly heal and repair the tumor, daily radiation was recommended for two months.  Finally, to REALLY be certain the malignancy was conquered, internal radiation procedures were peppered in between the chemo and daily external radiation treatments. It was a wild ride!

To my delight, I was additionally assigned a radiation oncologist, who would see me separately and apart from my oncologist.  SCORE!  I now had a team of two doctors.  My radiation oncologist was my angel. She was young and vibrant and lit up the room every time she walked in.  When I first saw her shoes beneath the curtain, I immediately knew she was sent just for me.  Her voice was as sweet as her face, which matched her most pleasant personality.

I remember overhearing the oncologist asking specifically for her to see me and it was very clear as to why.  She was tranquility in M.D. form. I was blessed to be placed in two sets of competent and accomplished hands that lifted my spirits, kept me grounded, and established a confidence in the process that took me gracefully from beginning to end. The warm, calm demeanor of my doctors and their patience for my every need gave me such a sense of security. I wanted to get well for them just as much as I had wanted to for myself and my family.

December 17th marks my cancer-free anniversary.  According to the doctors, the cancer-free date is marked by the date of diagnosis, which for me would be August though I don’t remember the actual day I was diagnosed. I choose to celebrate being cancer-free on the day I had my surgery. The moment when I woke to my doctor standing at the foot of my bed, shaking my big toe over the sheets, announcing to me that everything was out, no lymph nodes were affected and that I was cancer-free.  Music to my ears!  As long as I live, I will never forget that moment in time.

Cancer is only one of the many crazy roads I have journeyed down.  I’m told by many I should write a book.  The only problem is one wouldn’t do it.  There would have to be many to prevent you from wheeling the book around behind you.  The intention of this blog is to share what I have learned with you with the hope that you will find some peace, comfort, and courage within these virtual pages. 

I’ve taken a year off from writing in order to put what’s already been written into podcast form.  I’m almost finished and excited about picking up the pen again to share so much shifting that has happened to me within that last year! The ability to read was taken from me while going through treatments.  It was always my intention to provide the stories I’ve shared in a narrated version for you for that very reason.  What if the same has happened to you?  Now blog posts are available in podcast form for your convenience, so feel free to listen here or download them from iTunes, Podbean, or SoundCloud.

This site is designed to encourage you to work purposefully and intentionally along your journey with as big a smile as you can muster with a positive light in your soul, regardless of where you are at this time.

I’d love to help you enjoy the process~