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(Be sure to scroll down and read about tips for attending your session.

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Tips For Your Session:

EFT: (60minutes)

  • Watch the tutorial to prepare for your session
  • Bring your list of issues – emotions, physical ailments, events you’d like to focus on. There is no limit.  Go crazy!
  • Rate the intensity of each as it pertains to you (0-10)


Healing Breathwork: (60 minutes) If you’re curious, experience the 7 Minute Guided Breathwork Meditation before your session.  It’s not necessary, just a suggestion 🙂


NLP Wellness Coaching Session: (60 minutes)Take action toward what you want to do! You have the resources within you to draw out the answers for issues with which you are dealing. You will find the answers to your questions when you tap into your inner wisdom and do the work.

      • Your job:
        • To be able to dig deep within yourself and draw out answers to questions I’ll be asking. You have better answers within you than I could ever give.
        • Show up
        • Be willing to share
        • Be honest with yourself
        • Be open-minded
        • Apply lessons learned
        • Course correct
      • My job:
        • To help you feel comfortable
        • To understand your goals and obstacles
        • To listen and ask you the right questions to lead you to your answers
        • To have you leave our session with clear ideas about what you’re going to do and feel enough confidence to do those things
        • To encourage you to act in your best interest outside the coaching session when you are on your own and up against obstacles that may have initially brought you into our session

error: You deserve to be well. You deserve to be whole.