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#16 Don’t Judge Me, I’m Working On It

[audio src="https://shiftforwellness.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/16-Dont-Judge-Me-Im-Working-On-It.mp3"][/audio] Since I began the Shift for Wellness journey back in 2013, I always felt a little awkward about defining myself; particularly as a “survivor”.   Social media profiles are always asking you to define who you are.  What am I supposed to write?  There's not enough room to list all the hats I wear, and who would care about them anyway.   I'm then left wondering...

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#9 It’s Not About the Illness

  More than one million people in America get cancer each year and for more than sixty-five years, the American Cancer Society has been finding answers that save lives- from changes in lifestyle to new approaches in therapies to improving cancer patient’s quality-of-life (cancer.org).  What we know now and what I’ve been told by my doctors many times over is, that it’s all about the attitude. “It’s...

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