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#3 Jenn’s Top 10 List For What to Do When Hearing You Have Cancer… (in no particular order)

    Do not read anything online Looking up information online requires much more than just deciphering which answers are the best responses for your questions. Sources need to be verified. Are they credible? Who created the site you’re getting your information from…a credible source or a crazy guy in the basement? If there is no author, do you really want to take advice from someone...

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# 1 Dickens Had it Backwards

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times.  As crazy as it may sound, battling cancer has been the greatest experience of my life. It's like the first line in A Tale of Two Cities, only for me, it was backwards.  Giggling quietly to myself as I sat across the desk from my oncologist, I thought Holy crow I’m actually going to...

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