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Shift for Wellness promotes positivity and wellness; stories and visions with purpose and intention. I encourage others who are in search of getting through each day, each hour,  each minute,  each breath, with as much ease as possible. Compromising our health is not an option. Helping others to bring peace, comfort, and courage into their world is a personal mission! 

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So here it is, in this space, I share with you what worked, doesn’t work, and continues to work for me, as I strive to live my new normal.  I am eleven years cancer free and choosing wellness for me is an intentional practice. I’m told I make it look easy but trust me, my every move is well thought out so not to compromise my health.  Sometimes it can be really hard, but with a little shift in thinking the days can be calm, cool, smooth, and easy.

Let’s journey together to a better place….and smile! 🙂  All will be well. Remember, it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being easy with the practice.

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error: You deserve to be well. You deserve to be whole.