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Shift for Wellness promotes positivity and wellness. After my own cancer diagnosis, I was  approached often by people who had been recently diagnosed with cancer, conditions, diseases, marital problems, and the like. Their questions were always the same: How did you get through such a tough time so positively?

I quickly realized I needed to create a space where people could go to get inspired by stories, strategies, and tips with purpose and intention, and the Internet seemed to be the quickest and most accessible platform to do so.

5-Part Wellness Workshop Series

I was first inspired to create a free 5-Part Wellness Workshop Series for people who were home/bed-bound, so they could help themselves shift to a better place both mentally and emotionally. Having been in bed for the better part of 3 months managing the effects of chemotherapy, loss of hormones, and internal and external radiation, I know all too well the games the mind and emotions can play, and how important it is to beat them at their own game.

Excitedly, the workshop series was eventually offered face-to-face in local yoga studios, which then led to blog posting, which led to podcasting, which led to being schooled and certified in various healing modalities, and somewhere wrapped up in all of that, online courses and a private practice of one-on-one clients were born.

It’s Been An Amazing Journey

It is here, in this space where I share with you what worked, what doesn’t work, and what continues to work for me, as I strive to live a new normal.  Choosing wellness for me is an intentional practice. I’m told I make it look easy, but trust me, every move is about not compromising my health.  Sometimes it can be very challenging, but with a little shift in thinking the days can be calm, cool, smooth, and easy.

All Will Be Well

Let’s journey together to a better place….and smile! 🙂  Remember, it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being easy with the practice.

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error: You deserve to be well. You deserve to be whole.