Wellness Workshop Series

I’m so happy you found our workshop series! You are in for a REAL TREAT! Supported by personal storytelling and artistic play, research, and breath work, this five-part workshop series is progressive with each session building upon the other.

Get set to acquire skills and strategies to gracefully manage whatever ails you. Here you will work with your beliefs and why you may not be ready for a shift. If you’re all in, be prepared to be shifted closer to where you long to be. Needs some help? Some events to work with are stress, childhood, pain, cravings, beliefs, fear, vision, addiction, anxiety. Nothing is off the table. Perhaps you just need to be somewhere you once stood and you need to fully ground yourself back in that space.

Not to be confused with a support group, this workshop series is designed to encourage participants to work purposefully and intentionally along their journey with as big a smile as they can muster.

Part I: Smile Your Way to Wellness:

Find ease and peace within yourself by learning how to tackle people, places, and things in your life. Part I kicks off with deciding which choices you’re going to make along your journey. Enter this Workshop


Part II: Getting Honest With Yourself:

Find your truth by identifying your stressors and symptoms of your stressors. Enter this Workshop


Part III: Create Your Intention:

Think beyond what common sense would allow and project yourself into wellness as you create your vision. Enter this Workshop


Part IV: Have Faith:

Work to maintain your wellness in Part IV as you create your new normal. It is here where you will practice trusting your inner wisdom, standing confidently in your truth knowing all will be well. Enter this Workshop


Part V: Be Thankful:

You are no longer the same person who ventured out on this journey and your shift is just about complete; you’re very close to making it all the way across the bridge. Get in touch with what you are grateful for and plan how you will give back and pay it forward. Enter this Workshop

error: You deserve to be well. You deserve to be whole.