Why S.H.I.F.T?

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My intention is to create a place that promotes positivity and wellness; stories and visions with purpose and intention. I want to help others who are in search of getting through each day,  each hour,  each minute,  each breath, with as much ease as possible. Compromising our health is not an option.

So here it is, in this space, I share with you what worked, doesn’t work. and continues to work for me, as I strive to live my new normal.  I am ten years cancer free and choosing wellness for me is a mindful practice. I’m told I make it look easy but trust me,  my every move is well thought out so not to compromise my health.  Sometimes it can be really hard, but with a little shift in thinking the days can be calm, cool, smooth, and easy.

Let’s journey together to a better place….and smile! 🙂  All will be well.

Personal Life 1
Personal Life

Blog Posts for Personal Life:

We all have our own story.  We all have experienced different levels of pain and joy, uncertainty and security.  The results we find ourselves living with are determined by the choices we make and it’s those choices that give us the power to S.H.I.F.T our lives.


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Blog Posts for Relationships:

It takes patience.  It takes courage.  It takes clarity and purpose.  It takes a smile.  It takes being honest with yourself and having good intentions.  It takes believing all will be well deep, deep within your soul all the way down to the tips of your toes. And most importantly, it takes being grateful for every little ounce of everything in your world. It’s about being conscious.


Blog Posts for Healthy Living:

The idea for S.H.I.F.T was born as a result of being surrounded by so many people who were in crisis. While healing from cervical cancer I was asked over and over and over again, “How were you able to do it?”



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The Classroom

Blog Posts for the Classroom:

This is where parents and educators come together to build conscious relationships with one another, to collaborate on academic integrity, and honor the realization that each student, young and old, is a person.